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Tiger's Nest is located in the town of Gedved, located on the beautiful peninsula of Jutland, Denmark.

Take a look at the gallery below to visit the buildings and surrounding gardens.



If you wish to visit Tiger's Nest please make the necessary arrangements in advance by contacting



What is Tiger’s Nest?


Tiger’s Nest is a centre for meditation and spiritual teaching located in Gedved between Horsens and Skanderborg. Since opening in 1988, Anne Sophie has been the spiritual authority of the centre. Her teachings are dynamic and have evolved over the years, but its foundation is still based on Anne Sophie’s meditation as the primary source of teachings. The teachings offer inspiration on how to combine spirituality and everyday life in a way for the two to enrich each other at the most.

The world faces huge challenges today, and there are many roads to the solution. One of them is about spirituality and about allowing more love and consciousness into your own life and thus bringing it into the solution of the challenges of society. Anne Sophie conveys inspiration to this end through subjects like tantra, advanced meditation, understanding of consequence, reasons for suffering, and a way out of suffering. Further, Anne Sophie is the author of a series of books where she elaborates on her understanding of spiritual process.


Tiger’s Nest provides the setting of a spiritual community of people who, over the years, have moved to Gedved to be a part of the community. Apart from meditating and taking care of the maintenance of the centre, they all have a daily life with job, family and home.

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