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Tantra for a Modern World

forside Tantra for a modern world[5347].

Anne Sophies most recent book on Tantra - Tantra for a Modern World - is now available as an

e-publication in english.

Anne Sophie Jørgensen, Tigerens Rede Taktsang Denmark

Anne Sophie Jørgensen's authorship


Anne Sophie is the author of a number of books that describe the many themes of her teaching such as spirituality, tantra and meditation.

Her work as a spiritual teacher and writer really began in the 1980s in line with with the growing interest in meditation, self-development and healing in Denmark. Since the turn of the millennium, the interest in advanced consciousness work has been steadily growing, and through her writing Anne Sophie inspires how to work with complex psychological and consciousness processes in an embodied and down-to-earth way.

Everyday Life and Spirituality

In her teaching, Anne Sophie considers consciousness and spirituality to be fundamental aspects of life. In her books she gives qualified suggestions on how to incorporate spirituality into relationships, family life and working life, as an individual in a modern society. She invites you to be aware of a renewal of consciousness, not only in the individual, but on a global level.

Thus her authorship deals with the development process of the individual as well as with the changes of social, political, economic, and environmental nature.

The New Tantra

A main theme of Anne Sophie's writing is tantra. In the tantra books, very ancient teachings from the East are updated and brought into a modern reality.

Established couples, new love couples and singles who want to work on their sexuality and love life are invited to join the new tantra. From Anne Sophie's perspective, tantra is understood as a dynamic collaboration between the genders with regard to sexuality, love and spirituality.


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