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Tiger’s Nest, established in 1988, is a centre for meditation and spiritual teaching, located in beautiful surroundings in the Eastern part of Jutland, Denmark.

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Anne Sophie Jørgensen, Tigerens Rede Taktsang Denmark

Anne Sophie Jørgensen is a renowned Danish spiritual teacher, author and founder of

Tiger's Nest Taktsang Denmark.

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Anne Sophie Jørgensen, Tigerens Rede Taktsang Denmark

Since 2007 Tiger’s Nest has had a close and inspiring cooperation with the Kingdom of Bhutan in eastern Himalaya.

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The Documentary "Anne Sophie Jørgensen - a spiritual teacher" sheds light on the profound work and teachings of a modern day spiritual teacher in a western country. Watch the subtitled movie and other videos right here.


forside Tantra for a modern world[5347].

Anne Sophies most recent book on Tantra - Tantra for a Modern World - is now available in English. 

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In 2019 Anne Sophie received an official acknowledgement from Venerable Dorje Lopen Rinpoche on behalf of the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan.

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